Tour and excursion in Teriberka.

Murmansk region, Kola Peninsula.

This is the only place where Russia has a direct access to the Arctic Ocean and where you can get by car. «Leviathan» and «The duelist» were both filmed right here.

There are only 120 km between Teriberka and Murmansk, but due to this road you will already get incredible impressions. On the way the tourists will observe the stunning nature – the endless tundra, fearsome hillock and rocks, passes and canyons that conceal both a hidden danger and a pure beauty.

Off-road tour. Season 2019.

Route of the tour:


Murmansk – Teriberka – Lodeynoe  – Murmansk.


Duration of the tour: daytime.

Length of the route: around 300 km.

4500 rubles

Minimum amount of people in a group is 3.


Reception at the airport/ Murmansk central railway station/ by agreement with a client.


Our road runs through several biomes; you will see the mind-blowing sights of tundra.


Teriberka pomor village is situated on Teriberka riverside, in Kola district of Murmansk region.


This place was first mentioned approximately in 1523. Also, «Leviathan», the famous movie of A. Zvyagintsev, was filmed in Teriberka.


The village is located 125 km away from Murmansk. During your excursion you will learn the history of Teriberka, its past and its future! You will see the beautiful waterfall that carries its stormy waters to the ocean, and the old Artillery battery. You will visit Zavalishin Bay and Orlovskaya Bay, where a bird’s eye view of the Arctic Ocean outspreads before your eyes. Then you’ll visit the cave of Stone Dragon.


You can also explore the filming locations and meet people, who took part in mass filming of «Leviathan». Visit the cemetery of old wooden karbass sailboats, the former military aerodrome, the 1st weather station on Kola Peninsula that was founded in 1893, and many other attractions (some parts of the tour may vary depending on the weather conditions).

The price includes:

  • transportation according to the program;
  • guide service;
  • picnic on the Arctic Ocean shore or in a guesthouse.

Attention, please!

Do not forget to take cameras, waterproof and warm clothes and hiking shoes!

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