Nadezhda Tolkacheva



My tour to Kola Peninsula was the most amazing journey in my life.

I was astonished by the beauty and coziness of Teriberka! Extraordinarily beautiful scenery, friendly inhabitants, fresh air and the true Russian winter: snow, wind and dolphins that you could hear with the sound of the surf in the evening.

Endless Tundra and stormy Barents Sea are so near! When you are walking across the tundra or watching 3-meter waves crashing against the rock, you feel the playful fear of power of Mother Nature.

I thank M-tour, Alexey Isaev and Vyacheslav Shishov from the bottom of my heart for the fulfillment of my dream to visit north.

It was a bit scary to go for 1600 km from home to the edge of the earth by my own, but after meeting Alexey my fears vanished. He met me in the airport, helped me with accommodation in a hotel, always cared about my comfort and wellbeing. Moreover, Alexey has a rich experience of acting under extreme conditions, and, therefore, I felt safe both in Tundra and on snow-covered road with him.

It's worth mentioning that excursions were interesting, no memorized texts and only real-life stories, so then I felt like Murmansk became well-known and familiar to me.

Thank you very much! Guys, I adore you!

Dmitry Molochnikov


Very satisfied!

This winter we decided to spend the New Year differently. Given the circumstances, we were determined to go to the far north beyond the Arctic Circle. We are very happy with the purchased tour.

There are not enough words to describe the beauty of winter Arctic: endless snowfields; frozen rivers, creeks and waterfalls, running from the rocks; powerful tidal waves of the Barents Sea that are grinding the ice-covered shores for millennia; strong air flows; a countless number of stars that are open to the eyesight on polar nights, and, of course, fascinating flames of the aurora growing out of a small glow into Celestial Fire just above your head.

We were also lucky with the weather. Throughout the trip the temperature did not fall below -10, for a few days it was around -1 and -5.

And, of course, we would like to say a big thank you to Lyosha and Sveta who made this trip the most memorable. The guys themselves took us to all the observation decks and sightseeing points, told us where the most beautiful places are situated, and drew our attention to the amazing scenery, so we could make great photos! The most pleasurable was the fact that during the trip with Lyosha and Sveta we felt like they are not only our guides, but our long-familiar friends.

Lyosha, thank you so much for the wonderful New Year trip to a winter fairy tale!

Sergey Krokhin

St. Petersburg

Very satisfied!

Hello everybody! I visited Teriberka and the neighborhood on the 6th of July. That day I liked everything very much and was very impressed. Many thanks to Alexey Isaev, he is very pleasant, sociable and positive person! Thank you! :)

Leo Giller


Very pleased with the sightseeing tour!

If it is even possible to discover Russian north in 2 days, it is better to spend them on Rybachy and Sredny Peninsulas. You will have a chance to see the severe nature of Tundra, rocky roads, fords and high sea waves that are crashing against the coastal cliffs. After visiting these places you will have an unforgettable experience about Russian north.

Thank you very much for the professionally organized interesting trip and good company! Thanks to you now there are even fewer white spots on my map!

Elena Reutskaya

St. Petersburg

Excellent mood!

The enchanting power of the boundless sea, black backs of killer whales, the grandeur of granite rocks and the sound of a waterfall, prints of an old glacier surge, tenderness of moss carpets, the lights of northern sun that are reflected in the lakes and rivers...

And also a lot of impressions I can't describe in words - all that thanks to visiting Teriberka with very reliable and professional guide, delicate person Alexey. Thank you, Lyosha! I will come back to St. Petersburg with all these memories!

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